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Geothermal energy

This is Varmaorka


Climate change caused by humans is the most challenging environmental issue today. Varmaorka was founded with the idea to better utilize natural resources in a sustainable manner. Varmaorka wants to make a difference by passing on the opportunity that Earth's heat has to offer and to participate with vigour in the fight against climate change.


Varmaorka aims to build sustainable heat power plants from geothermal energy resources in close cooperation with local communities. We want to take part in the energy transition and reduce CO2 emissions by promoting renewable energy. Varmaorka has the ambition to upscale our presence around Iceland and elsewhere.


Varmorka uses an advanced and proven technology that uses geothermal heat to produce clean electricity and then cascade warm water in district heating, greenhouses and other direct use applications. The future of sustainability is the use of baseload heat power.

How does heat power work?

Heat power is a renewable form of energy harnessed from sources such as geothermal heat and industrial excess heat. Unlike wind and solar power, heat power can provide a constant stream of power, regardless of the weather or the time of day.

Our power plants do more than producing electricity, they also provide hot water for district heating and other direct use applications. For instance, providing heat for greenhouses, fish farms, bathing lagoons, agro-industry etc. New technologies are making other applications feasible, and a new integrated approach is transforming the way we build power plants.




Katrínartún 2, 17th floor, 105 Reykjavík