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We offer heat power project sourcing, evaluation, qualification, and execution

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The fight against climate change caused by man is the most important environmental issue today. The main cause of climate change is the increase in greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere. Varmaorka wants to participate in this fight with vigour.


To resolve the issue, we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote increased carbon capture. The way to reduce CO2 emissions is to reduce the use of fossil fuels and to use renewable energy.


Varmorka uses an advanced and proven technology that uses waste heat to produce electricity. The future of sustainability is waste heat.

How does heat power work?

Heat power is a renewable energy harnessed from pre-existing heat sources, such as geothermal heat and industrial waste heat. Unlike wind and solar power, heat power can provide a constant stream of electricity, regardless of the weather or the time of day.

Our power plants do more than producing electricity, it is also a source of district heating. In addition, minerals like lithium and silica can be filtered from the hot water at heat power plants and sold at a profit. New technologies are making other applications feasible, and a new, integrated approach is transforming the way we build power plants.




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